Commercial Carpet Cleaning Mississauga ON

Here at "One Touch Janitorial Services", we like to think that we do things a little bit differently. We are a full service carpet cleaning company that has been serving businesses for many years. Over that time, we have built a reputation for honesty, integrity, and high quality cleaning work. We know that we put that reputation on the line with every carpet we clean, so we always make sure that we do the best work we are capable of.

No job is too big and no stain is too deep for us to deal with. If you are a business owner who wants cleaner carpets, just give "One Touch Janitorial Services" a call. That's why "One Touch Janitorial Services" is here to clean the carpets within your office, educational institutions, daycare centers, restaurants, place of worship, or just your commercial businesses. Our experienced technicians will come to your business, assess what you would like cleaned and write up a free estimate.

Why should I have my carpet cleaned?

As unpleasant as it can be to think about, your carpet basically acts as a sponge that soaks up all the dirt, allergens, pet hair, chemicals, bacteria, and spilled food in your office. When people walk across the carpet, these materials can be kicked up into the air and people will breathe them in. Having your carpets professionally cleaned removes these contaminants and helps to keep your family healthy.

How often should my carpet be cleaned?

Most carpet manufactures suggest that their carpets be professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months, but this depends heavily on how soiled your carpet is, how much traffic there is in the room, and a variety of other factors. Most of our clients schedule carpet cleanings one or two times per year, although some prefer to have their carpets cleaned more frequently.

Do carpet cleaners move furniture?

Our cleaners will happily move most office furniture for you, although we recommend leaving certain heavier or fragile items in place. If you would like these items moved, we can move them for an additional fee. We do recommend that you move all small items like plants, lamps, and decorations before we arrive.